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About the School

About the School

Greenwood Elementary School is one of twenty-eight schools in the Montebello Unified School District of Los Angeles County. The District has sixteen elementary schools, one K-8 school, six intermediate schools, three comprehensive high schools, and two alternative high schools. Greenwood Elementary School is located in the southern region of Montebello and serves students in grades transitional kindergarten through five following a modified traditional calendar.
At the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, 1022 students were enrolled, including 15% in special education, 55% qualifying for English Language Learner support, and 100% qualifying for free or reduced price lunch. Greenwood Elementary School achieved a 2013 Academic Performance Index (API) score of 743.

Greenwood Elementary Earns California Gold Ribbon Award

Greenwood Elementary has been honored as a 2016 California Gold Ribbon School. Greenwood has earned this distinction by utilizing data, as a basis, to focus lesson plans and to provide the upmost learning for every student, as well as a means to identify students who need additional support to achieve or excel academically. GWE also provides counseling support for targeted students and their families.
The Gold Ribbon award is California’s highest academic honor.
Teachers work collaboratively, planning rigorous lessons and deciding on effective strategies to be integrated into the units of study. During the school year, our students are immersed in five comprehensive units. These units include focus standards, rigorous curriculum, formative, and summative assessments. The assessments provide data for teachers to monitor student progress during, and at the end of the unit. This process emphasizes the expertise and leadership qualities of teachers. In addition, a counseling service and two school psychologists provide counseling and crisis intervention to students in need.
As a result, the school has seen steady improvement in testing for all student groups, but in particular among its English Learner population.
“Our finely tuned system improves student achievement across the school by addressing not only their academic needs, but students’ social and emotional challenges”, Principal Bibi Alvarado said. “Our team of educators is driven by a passion that is unequalled when it comes to motivating students. I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved together.”

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